signageOS: a key component to how Creative Realities rapidly expanded a digital signage network across 7-Eleven

signageOS: a key component to how Creative Realities rapidly expanded a digital signage network across 7-Eleven


Creative Realities engaged signageOS to assist in expanding and future-proofing its content management system to extend across the 7-Eleven network.


  • Significant savings in time and financial investment in solution architecture.
  • Immediate capability to use SoCs and existing media players.
  • Alleviated need to purchase additional hardware.
  • Consolidated CMS platform with robust remote functionality for 2,100+ stores and 8,400+ endpoints.

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Network service provider ATT appointed Creative Realities (CRI) as the digital signage solution provider to its client 7-Eleven - to evaluate, design, and replace its existing content management system (CMS) which was being used to deliver thousands of end points, but needed an upgrade to future-proof for scale. Thus, CRI was also tasked with the conversion of this rapidly expanding digital network to quickly achieve the scale required to meet corporate sales and growth goals. This complex digital signage network included a variety of hardware, from Samsung’s Tizen-powered PMF, QBR, & QMR series System-on-Chip(SoC)-based displays to video wall displays.

The role of signageOS in this case was significant, as its unifying middle layer enabled Creative Realities’ purpose-built CMS platform to perform consistently across all existing hardware devices. This helped accelerate the roll out in a way that was functional and consistent. signageOS’ advanced device management tools also aid in device management and content control for multiple brands served across the 7-Eleven network.


Key Facts

  • Nationwide CMS deployment to enable a purpose-built foodservice digital menu board CMS, called Clarity – owned and operated by Creative Realities Inc
  • 2,100+ stores
  • 8,400+ displays
  • Samsung displays (PMF, QBR, & QMR); video wall displays
  • Supporting fresh food offerings under multiple brand banners


The engagement with 7-Eleven was a complex conversion as it involved connecting different IT networks and varying hardware devices, which created major challenges for provisioning as well as maintenance. Creative Realities would need to lay the groundwork for future network growth and future-proof the solution so it could scale quickly. This entire process needed to be completed within a very limited timeframe: only a few short months for major development. Rolling out this immense digital signage network was going to be quite the challenge and required the coordination of a variety of stakeholders: ATT, who owns the relationship with 7-Eleven, as the end-user client – and Creative Realities who serves as the key digital solution provider and champion of successful integration among key technology partners in signageOS, Samsung, and two IT network providers – to make it happen.

The Solution Set

Creative Realities engaged signageOS to create a middle layer that would literally bridge the hardware and software so that all parts could function together as an integrated solution - achieving hardware agnosticism so that the end-user could continue to extract value from legacy devices/hardware. It could now utilize a variety of different SoC displays, including existing displays, without the need of any additional external devices. signageOS provided the comprehensive remote device management piece as well as advanced support over the entire development cycle. This gave CRI the ability to remotely update and troubleshoot the displays, as well as remotely upgrade their firmware. Also, the signageOS platform infrastructure scalability meant that it could easily accommodate the network’s extreme growth both during this deployment and well into the future.

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As a result of partnering with signageOS, CRI saved a significant time and financial investment in solution architecture. signageOS provided the interface capability to use SoCs and existing media players immediately, alleviating CRI’s need to spend months or potentially years with development and shortening its go-to-market time considerably. This also kept 7-Eleven from needing to purchase additional hardware while simultaneously receiving a major upgrade to its device management software. The 7-Eleven Corporate Team has a consolidated CMS platform with robust remote functionality for their 2,100+ stores and 8,400+ endpoints, and a solution that can face the future with confidence.

About Creative Realities

Creative Realities helps clients use the latest omnichannel technologies to inspire better customer experiences. CRI designs, develops and deploys consumer experiences for high-end enterprise level networks, and is actively providing recurring SaaS and support services for diverse vertical markets including Retail, Foodservice/QSR, Automotive, Stadium and Arenas – as well as digital out of home networks. The Company acquired Allure Global Solutions, Inc. in November 2018, and Reflect Systems in 2021 - expanding the Company's operations across North America and in key geographies globally. Visit to view use cases, awards, best practices – and to connect.

About signageOS

signageOS, the world’s first unification platform for digital signage, enables companies to integrate, deploy, and manage scalable networks of any digital signage hardware. signageOS utilizes modern technologies to provide unified and standardized APIs for highly efficient digital signage development. signageOS’s single codebase approach and knowledge base derived from years of development with digital signage hardware and platforms ensure a future-proof digital signage framework.

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signageOS: a key component to how Creative Realities rapidly expanded a digital signage network across 7-Eleven

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