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Real-time device management, no matter the hardware or software. All in one digital signage ecosystem for the convenience of your deployments.

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Tens of thousands of displays are running on signageOS infrastructure.

41 Supported
Hardware Platforms
84 Partners
17,000+ Locations
$ 19 B Revenue Generated Through Our APIs
SOC 2 Type II Compliant ISO 27001 Compliant
Compliant with SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001

No Blind Spots

View all your customers and their devices through a single pane of glass.


Be In Charge

You choose the hardware you need and combine it with the tools we provide.


Get Ahead

Gain a competitive edge with our five-star unmanned remote management.


Single Pane of Glass

Our dashboard provides you with a single source of truth for all integrated device telemetry, giving you the ability to provide verified information to your customers

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    Deployed platforms
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    Online Devices

No More Onsite

Fully remote, unmanned device management. Monitor all of your customers’ networks from a single location, with complete data on each and every device. You are now able to be proactive with network health and reduce downtime.

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    Display settings - orientation, resolutions, scheduled brightness and more
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    Offline first - gather telemetry data even offline and report once reconnected
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    Power features - timers, scheduled reboots, firmware upgrades
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It's Your Choice

Utilize the best hardware for each particular application that your customers require. With signageOS, you are able to monitor and deploy from a range of certified hardware based on your needs with no restrictions.


Player Management

Streamline deployment of CMS player, monitor it's health directly in the device management and perform quick recovery actions if needed.

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    Player Deployment - deploy new versions of your Player to one or one thousand devices
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    Player Control - refresh, reload and remotely configure your Player
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    Player Monitoring - bring state of your playback to management portal, track proof of plays and more

Take On Any Project

Be in the driver’s seat. Take on any project with confidence, as our tools give you ultimate visibility and control. Onboarding or migration have never been easier.



With our bulk feature, you are able to action 1000s of screens with a single click. Get rid of labor-heavy repetitive tasks.


Save Money, Make Money

No more unnecessary truck rollouts. Eliminate 90% of on-site maintenance with our proactive device health monitoring.

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Benefits Which Make the Difference:

Increased visibility
Broaden your horizon with our network expansion
4,800 available features
All the functioanlity you need and more in the one location
Complete device telemetry
Quick access to the full information about every device
Real-time reporting
Reducing potential downtime and service interruptions.
Platform security
Soc 2 and ISE 27001 Compliant
Cross hardware compatibility
Not limited by legacy choices

Connect and manage any of these devices

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Learn more about hardware agnostic device management capabilities.


Real-time device management and monitoring for over 41+ hardware platforms in a single unified tool. The single pane of glass you’ve been waiting for!