Remote Management of Any Hardware, Any Location

The remote management solution to help you save money on maintenance costs through uniformed remote management and monitoring of any digital signage hardware.

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One-2-Many Device Management Built for Scale



Supports all devices with unified view and management actions.



All actions and statuses are in real-time, ensuring you are always ahead of any issue.


Web App & API

Log in to our device management console, Box, or use any feature directly through API.

Inside Box

Box is the cross-platform remote hardware management system & UI designed for large, diverse display & media player networks.

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Paving a New Path in Remote Management for Digital Signage

Any Hardware, Any Location

Remotely manage and monitor ANY digital signage hardware type.

Real-Time Performance Monitoring

Use proof-of-play screenshots, device diagnostics, and more to ensure your content is playing flawlessly.

Bulk Actions

Setup and troubleshoot devices in bulk for maximum efficiency and time savings.

Automatic Alerts

Receive notifications on changes to any aspect of the device, connection status, device health, & more.

Complete History & Action Log

Track any action or settings triggered on devices with full history from the initial setup to decommissioning.

Custom Analytics

Tailor what data is pulled directly from your devices to provide your customers with custom reports on their device networks.

Process Automation

Automate all of your management and monitoring within your own system using REST APIs.

Application Editor & Versioning

Collaborate with your team on custom app development and version control in a central location.

Advanced Security

Multiple encryption methods to ensure the highest levels of security, reliability, and availability.

Supported Hardware

Get Control Over Your Devices - Now!
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What Our Partners Say

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More reasons to choose signageOS:


Support Devices without Onboarding

Focus on your product and be always compatible with both legacy and the latest digital signage devices.


Powerful Universal API

Ensure optimal performance and uptime with proof-of-play screenshots, device diagnostics, and much more within the Box.


Ready-Made Players

Cut the time to market with production-ready software players working flawlessly on any platform.