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Quickly build your cross-platform application for any digital signage device through the universal JS API.


The signageOS Cloud Platform is the comprehensive digital signage platform for device integration and management to unify digital signage networks.


Utilize signageOS & SMIL to publish your content to any System-on-Chip display or media player with little to no development time.

System Integrators and Managed Solution Companies
Device Management

signageOS Device Management Solutions enable remote cloud management of any digital signage or AV device for instant diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Box Device Management Console

Box is robust remote display management console helping you operate your networks with ease.

signageOS Partner Ecosystem
NEC Open Modular Platform

The NEC Open Modular Platform powered by signageOS provides a single access point to the diverse NEC digital signage HW & services portfolio to enable seamless integration with current and future offerings. Explore the OMPlatform and benefit from a modular and scalable future.

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Partner Portal

signageOS is proud to partner with leading CMS companies in the digital signage industry. Find the solution to perfectly meet your project's needs.

Research Center

The primary resource for digital signage hardware research and analysis on key performance indicators to provide greater knowledge and resources for the digital signage industry.

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signageOS regularly exhibits and attends many events including Integrated Systems Europe, Digital Signage Expo, Developers Days, and many more. Check out the latest event here.

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signageOS news, press releases, media kit, & other resources.


signageOS' digital signage blog on industry news, new features, updates, interviews, and much more. Stay up to date with the signageOS Blog.


Frequent questions asked on signageOS development, commercial inquiries, terminology, etc.

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signageOS Device Management

Manage, Monitor, & Receive Alerts for ANY Digital Signage or AV Device in Your Network.

Solution Overview

signageOS Device Management Solutions ensure your devices are always manageable regardless of device type, state, or location.

The signageOS remote, cloud management platform extends functionality beyond traditional digital signage device management to transform AV and other devices into securely, cloud connected and manageable devices. The signageOS Device Management technology offers a solution for networks and devices of all types.

Explore the signageOS Device Management Solutions and never be in the dark with the status and management of your hardware again.


From SoC devices to LED walls and projectors

Cloud Control App

Install the Cloud Control App on any of the supported device and start managing the device from cloud.

Philips Digital Signage Solutions
Benq Digital Signage
Sharp Open Platform
  • Philips Professional Displays with Android (D-line, P-line, OPS)
  • Benq Commercial Displays with Android (SL-line)
  • Sharp Commercial Displays with Android

Cloud Control Device for RS-232 and Ethernet Devices

Deploy the signageOS Cloud Control Device (CCD), connect it to any display, projector, PC or other supported AV device to get full device control from the cloud.

signageOS Cloud Control Device

signageOS Cloud Control Device securely connects AV devices into the Device Management Console enabling identical cloud control as traditional management functionality available in the local network only.

  • Supports RS-232 communication and connection for one-to-one deployments of CCD
  • Supports Ethernet device control for one-to-many connections in the local network over CCD
  • Supportes WakeOnLan and WakeOnWLan
Manage and monitor

Access your devices from a single management console

Box, the Device Management Console

Any connected devices is accesible from the signageOS Box. Quickly sort devices, group them by customers and tags, check group health and remotely adjust any of the settings.

signageOS Box

Learn, Build and Troubleshoot

Documentation and Knowledge Base

Getting started with signageOS Open can be completed in seconds, tap into the documentation & knowledge base gathered from years of digital signage development on every platform..

Superior Support

Need additional development assistance? Found a bug?
Reach out to our superior support team to quickly troubleshoot and deliver faster.

What our Partners are saying about us

Our partnership with signageOS allows us to leverage our best-in class Content Management System, SwitchboardTM, in a solution that simplifies installations, reduces hardware costs, and is easier to support + maintain.

Henry Mowat
CTO, & President, Coates Group, U.S.

Through our cooperation with signageOS we were able to go to market on SoC platforms much faster than if we had created native software clients for each platform. By leveraging the signageOS Platform, we've been able to focus on creating an intuitive and easy to use CMS rather than chasing SoC firmware updates.

Brandi Kler
Vice President, Product, Creative Realities, Inc.

We wanted to simplify the future, so we created Loop24. Our solutions fit the needs of any organization, from any local small opperation to the largest global corporations. Our solutions are easy to use, affordable and are up and running in your organisation in a matter of seconds.

Finn Arne Eikenæs
CEO, Loop24

videoMOOD is designed to be the easiest solution on the marketing for managing digital signage projects. Thanks to signageOS, the ease of use meets the simplicity of installation, with total compatibility on any device and significant cost reductions.

Massimo Petrella
CEO, Tailoradio

Thanks to our partnership with signageOS, and our new version of Waapiti Platform 3.0, we have made our digital signage platform available to clients with any kind of player or SoC-enabled displays. Therefore, we can ensure that projects do not depend on any specific brand. In a very competitive display market, clients will be able to build their display network without any pressure to use a specific manufacturer, mixing different brands according to their needs, and ensuring an efficient content management with Waapiti Platform.

Gemma Cuscó
CEO, Waapiti
signageOS Digital Signage Partners with Waapiti

Thanks to signageOS we can finally get rid of external media players which is both cost effective and really makes the installations easier.

Jonas Hansson
CTO, Centrumkanalen - Butiks TV

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