We help CMS companies
to instantly onboard
System on Chip displays
and digital signage players

Unification platform for device management and content delivery built for digital signage CMS companies and developers.

variety of supported digital signage devices
sOS Snippet product

sOS Snippet - integrate SoC management and monitoring in seconds

Build once, play anywhere

With signageOS you can easily run your CMS content or any other app on any device with System On Chip or digital signage player running on different operating systems.

We’ve built a powerful unification layer for SystemOnChip digital signage devices and players. With one easy integration you are instantly able to connect and control any device we support.

All you need is to have a HTML5 player that is connected with signageOS.

signageOS has 3 on-device layers

5 reasons to use signageOS


Play the content on any SoC device or digital signage player.


Ready to instantly grow from one to one hundred thousand devices.

Cost effective

Save money on extensive development and maintenance.

Full of features

From offline playback to advanced device monitoring.

Time efficient

Cut your time to market with ready to use solution and infrastructure.

80% of all digital signage displays are already embedded with SystemOnChip

Innovate your digital signage solution

Join the (r)evolution today and be miles away from your competitors

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