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Node.js Programmer, who wants to build a product

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End the development of "boring" web applications and constant project development, where every few months you change what you are working on. Come and work with us on a product that controls tens of thousands of end devices - screens and displays.
signageOS creates a cloud service that allows you to remotely control professional displays and other display devices. Our world-unique service allows anyone to set up and operate a network of tens of thousands of devices, remotely manage content on them and develop specific applications. Our customers include banks, retail chains and the largest fast food chains. Our product is used by companies from Australia, across Europe to the USA and Canada.

What our CTO Michael ┼Żabka says about working with us:

"Within signageOS, we offer a unique involvement in a project that uses a lot of mainstream technologies (Docker, K8s, React, Node.js, TypeScript, MongoDB RabbitMQ, etc.) in individual parts of the system, as well as some less well-known, but equally good tools for production, but also development (Docker-Compose, Terraform, Helm, GitLab CI / CD, etc.).

The architecture of the project is built as SOA, which allows relatively easy use of new technologies and testing of services that can be easily deployed in production.

Even though the architecture is already ready, it is not uncommon for a larger part of the system to be modified or even designed with already acquired knowledge. Extensive discussions in the team often lead to the ideal solution at the moment, which then positively influences the whole system.

This common practice is what every enthusiastic programmer will certainly welcome, because it drives us all forward and allows us to overcome challenges.

With regard to the company's vision and at the same time high demand from customers, the company's growth and the possibility of participating in the management of smaller teams of programmers are expected."

What you will find with us:

  • clean and automatically tested code
  • code reviews
  • unique technology combining SW and HW
  • modern design patterns in practice - CQRS, Event sourcing, massive service-oriented architecture
  • technologies such as Redis, RabbitMQ, MQTT, MongoDB 4 deployed in scale
  • big dev-ops challenge - automated infrastructure through Terraform and Kubernetes on AWS
  • two monitors
  • a cheerful bunch of people
  • coffee, refreshments and bowls of fruit
  • regular Friday pizza
  • educational events

What we expect from you:

  • knowledge of JavaScript and Node.js, ideally Typescript (but not a condition, we use service-oriented architecture, so we don't have to be tied)
  • knowledge of databases (SQL, noSQL)
  • practical use of Git
  • basic communication in English
  • desire to find stable and long-term solutions to problems
  • determination and ability to bring things to an end
  • at least 2 years of practice (full-time)

Tools and technologies, which we use:

  • ClickUp - project management, task and time tracking
  • Slack + GSuite - communication and documents
  • IDE - VS Code, WebStorm, Sublime
  • GitLab - repositories, code review and CI
  • AWS + Azure - infrastructure and cloud development

If you don't want to make another website, but really a new type of product that controls screens all over the world, send us some information about yourself, or a link to a Git repo.

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