The Fastest Route to Publish Rich Content on Any Screen

Instead of spending endless months building a content player from scratch, utilize SMIL and publish in just hours to focus that time on creating a better digital experience.

Why Use signageOS SMIL Player


Works on Any Device

SMIL Player is optimized for every device supported by signageOS & delivers best-in-class performance and reliability.


Schedules, Triggers, Zones, & More

Out-of-box features covering the majority of use cases in digital signage including advanced features like integrating sensors and conditional playback.


Open Standard

Leveraging the W3C standard for playlist definition makes it easy to use and extend. Plus, the entire player is Open-Sourced under the MIT license.

Getting Started with signageOS SMIL Player

Supported Hardware

The SMIL Player Works.

Define a playlist and publish stunning content with SMIL in 3 steps.


Start building your SMIL file - create complete layouts with multiple zones in no-time. Define size, position, default background, and even a layer.


Set what multimedia files, widgets and other files you want to be cached locally on the player. The caching itself is fully automated.


Assign the content to the predefined regions, define scheduling, priorities, ordering, repeating, or triggers.


Once the SMIL file is finished, publish it directly to any digital signage SoC display or media player.

In-House Native App Development vs. signageOS SMIL Player

When expanding your digital signage networks to support new hardware, time-to-market is an important metric. View a time-to-market comparison of building a player application in-house compared to using signageOS SMIL Player.


Is there any documentation? plus interface icon

Yes. For more technical details on the SMIL Player, visit the SMIL Player documentation.

Yes, in the signageOS Documentation there is a comprehensive list of supported features across the supported hardware types.

Yes, you can use the SMIL Player and signageOS's remote hardware management features together for rapid content deployment with comprehensive control over any hardware type.

Still have questions? Get in touch

A-SMIL or Advocacy For SMIL in Digital Signage

SMIL, Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language, is an open standard for defining content scheduling, video, audio, images, and other content parameters in an XML-based text file format. signageOS's universal SMIL player enables files written in the SMIL standard to be deployed on any digital signage hardware.

Just as webpages written in HTML can be applied to different web browsers that support HTML, content or applications written in SMIL can be published to any digital signage hardware that support SMIL. To learn more about A-SMIL, visit