signageOS offering consists of two products: signageOS Open and signageOS Platform

signageOS Open

No Cost

Standalone solution without Cloud dependency
16+ crafted integrations for major platforms
Complete signageOS API in Javascript for device management and content support

signageOS Open comes at no costs as long as the connection to the licencing server is maintained. Removing the connection is a one-time fee per device.

signageOS Platform

Monthly fee per device

Out-of-box robust and scalable Cloud infrastructure for device management
Built-in real-time device monitoring and Proof-of-play
signageOS Javascript API + REST API
Support & Knowledgebase

signageOS Platform works either from sOS Cloud or can be deployed as an On-prem solution.

Supported Platforms

Features comparison

Features signageOS Open signageOS Platform
Any SoC Display and Media Player Integrations

Tizen, webOS, Philips, NEC, RaspberryPi, BrightSign, Giada, Android, Linux, Windows, and much more...

JS API for Content

Accelerated video playback, Offline file management, Synchronized playback, Video streams, Video inputs (HDMI,...), and much more...

JS API for Management

Reboot, Refresh, Display On/Off, Timers, App upgrade, Firmware upgrade, Screenshots, and much more...

Development SDK

Great Documentation and Knowledge Base, Online IDE, Remote debugging tools, Automated tests, Versioning, and much more...,

On-premise installation
LifeGuard Tether
signageOS Cloud/Server dependency independent
Onboarding support optional
Dev support optional
REST API for Device Management
REST API for Device Monitoring
Realtime Monitoring
Automated Screenshots Gathering
Robust Cloud/Server Infrastructure

Geo-redundant, Auto-scale, Realtime

24/7 Infrastructure Monitoring

Guaranteed 24x7 response times from our dedicated support team.

Advanced CI integration
Automated FW tests

Find the right solution

signageOS offers tailored solutions to meet the needs of any digital signage network requirement. Integrate devices at no cost with signageOS Open or experience the full solution with the signageOS Cloud. Explore the difference today.

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signageOS Open

Integrate any device or player at no cost with the complete signageOS API in JS.

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signageOS Platform

Integrate any device or player with device management, monitoring, and support using the complete signageOS package.

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