System on Chip is the Future of Digital Signage Industry

In 2014 companies such as Samsung and LG started the revolution. They introduced the first digital signage displays that were able to play content without any additional PC or player behind the screen.

The System on Chip (SoC) digital signage was born and rapidly grew each year.

The ultra-complicated deployment settings is no more necessary - electricity and Internet connection are just enough.

Benefits of System on Chip

Easy to install

Deployment has never been easier. All you need is electricity and Internet connection.

Cheaper to maintain

SoC simplify the complexity and removes multiple points of failure.

Lower energy consumption

With just the screen the power consumption can be 80% lower compared to regular digital signage deploy.

Full featured

Multizone, proof-of-play, reporting, live streaming. All you need just with chip.

80% of all digital signage displays are already embeded with SoC

What is the current problem?

The biggest challenge is that each vendor (Samsung, Lg,... etc.) is creating their own SoC with multiple versions and firmwares.

Brand Operation System Versions Supported
Samsung Samsung Smart Signage SSSP2, SSSP3, SSSP4 - Tizen
LG webOS webOS 1, webOS 2, webOS 3
Philips Android 4.4.1 - 5.1

In order to use SoC and benefit from the unique features we have created one universal platform - signageOS. With signageOS you are able to create universal apps which will work on any SoC device.