Samsung Kiosk

Samsung Kiosk


Samsung Kiosk is the newest all-in-one solution that utilizes the Tizen operating system and provides touch interactivity, payment card readers, NFC (Near Field Communication) support, and more in a 24-inch touchscreen display. The latest Samsung Kiosk can be installed on tabletops, on a stand, or mounted on a wall.

The signageOS core applications are created specifically for Samsung Tizen and are certified by Samsung.

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Supported Versions

Version Year Supported
KM24A - SSSP6 - Tizen 4.0 2021 heart interface icon

signageOS & Samsung Kiosk Benefits


Rapid Deployment

Integrate and rapidly begin deploying Samsung Kiosk to new or existing digital signage networks saving you months in development and testing.


Optimized Performance

The signageOS Core Apps developed specifically for Tizen offer industry-leading performance and are certified by Samsung.


Remote Kiosk Management

Integration through signageOS offers immediate remote management functionality over Samsung Kiosk hardware as well as other digital signage hardware.


Deploy Samsung Kiosk Today!

signageOS does the heavy development so you don't have to. Integrate with signageOS, begin deploying Samsung Kiosk today, and never worry about digital signage hardware compatibility again.

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