sOS Snippet

The fastest way to get the System on Chip management & monitoring features in your SoC application.


How to leverage most of the cutting edge technology used across the whole signageOS Platform?
What about extracting all device management and monitoring related functions and wrapping them up into one line of code?

Sounds like a non-sense?      No, meet soS Snippet.

How sOS Snippet works

sOS Snippet is for digital signage the same as Google Analytics for websites. Do not waste your time by creating another device management. Use ours.

1Simply embed single line of code into your proprietary System on Chip application.

2Your device will be automagicaly recognized and registred in signageOS Platform.

3Done. Now you can immediately manage your device via API or our management console Box.

Snippet Sample

sOS Snippet

Cool features

1Complete remote device management

2Constant control and monitoring over displays and their health status

3Live screenshots directly from the display

4Alerting based on custom events and rules

5Remote firmware upgrade

:-)Want more? Check all features at Management and Monitoring sections in our Feature list

Start using sOS Snippet today!