Solution Overview

Whether implementing a small network of dozens of screens or rolling out a massive deployment involving thousands of displays, signageOS helps you onboard and operate digital signage devices through unified APIs.

With signageOS you are able to build HTML5/Javascript applications which can be remotely deployed and updated on any supported device. On top of that, signageOS also provides comprehensive out-of-the-box device management tools through a cloud-based web application or REST API.

Everything signageOS does is offline-first (for devices and applications), API-first (for device management), and scale-first (for managing tens of thousands of devices).

signageOS solution
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What signageOS Technology Solves:


Support Devices without Onboarding

Focus on your product and always be compatible with both legacy and the latest digital signage devices.


Cross-Platform Remote Management

Remotely control and monitor networks of ANY digital signage hardware uniformly from our device management dashboard, signageOS Box.


Build or Customize with APIs for Everything

Tailor what data is pulled directly from your devices to provide your customers with custom reports on their device networks.

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Supported Hardware

How signageOS Works:


1. Native Application for Each Device

signageOS integrates a variety of devices and builds native applications for them. The extensive integration includes all functionality that the platform offers and is certified by the manufacturer.

signageOS maintains the integration for the devices' lifetime.

Main Areas of Integration:

Support for HTML5
Provides a web-layer for CMS applications
Firmware Testing
Quality assurance validation and bug reporting
Aging Tests
Ensuring stable device playback for 27+ hours
Automated Feature Tests
For environment stability verification

2. Unified APIs

On top of the native device applications, signageOS creates a unified API layer that standardizes access to device-related functionalities.

Main API Categories:

Video Playback
Using native video player
Content Features
File system, sync playback, sensors
Reboots, screenshots, brightness, etc.
Health, temperature, events and alerts
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3. Cross-Platform HTML5 App

With our unification APIs, you can build your cross-platform HTML5/Javascript application that works on any device, offline-first and future-proof.

Dev Tools for Building:

signageOS CLI
Generate project, test with emulator, build.
Node.js SDK
Ready-made REST API library for Node.js.
Local or remote, logs gathering.
Guides, sample codes, use cases.
View "Developer Knowledge Base"

4. Out-of-Box Device Deployment & Management

Each device is out-of-box equipped with robust cloud-based deployment and device management, which can be accessed from our comprehensive Device Management dashboard, signageOS Box.

More over, you can immediately build-in any (if not all) functionality directly into your CMS through REST applications.

Key Benefits:

Unified, Cross-Platform
No matter which devices you are using, each works the same.
Ready for Scale
Powering networks with 10k+ devices.
Tailored for Digital Signage
Unmanned one-to-many approach with bulk actions.
UI, White-label, or REST API
Use, resell or integrate.
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Premium Features

Blank Screen Detection

Faster resolution of down devices & lower maintenance costs.

Advanced REST API

Control your hardware like never before.

Device Policy

Create policy settings and apply them on devices in bulk.

Cloud Management Console

Change applications, update software and firmware, and much more.

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerting

View the status of entire device networks and control in bulk.


Build the power of signageOS directly into your software.

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Case Studies

Global leaders in digital signage use signageOS to power cross-platform networks of tens of thousands of digital signage devices globally. Learn why signageOS technology is the future-proof integration and remote management solution for the digital signage industry.


signageOS: a key component to how Creative Realities rapidly expanded a digital signage network across 7-Eleven


Coates Helps a QSR Brand Create a New Customer Journey Through signageOS


Desquare Utilizes signageOS for Fast and Easy Digital Signage Rollout Across Starbucks Nordic