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Build, upload, and deploy native digital signage apps for any SoC or media player with a single HTML5 codebase for FREE.

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Supported Hardware

Building with signageOS Open

1. Build a Content Player App

Build a content player application for playing multiple videos, videos + HTML5, and many other content features using a sample Applet from the signageOS Github Applet Repository.

2. Upload the Content Player to the Core App Builder for Any Hardware

Once your applet is finalized, simply upload it to the Core App Builder for any of the supported hardware.

3. Deploy via CLI or USB to Your Digital Signage Hardware

Download the core app and deploy to your digital signage device using a variety of methods.

signageOS Box the remote digital signage device management system

What signageOS Technology Solves:


Hardware Onboarding & Maintenance

Seamlessly use any of the 36 supported hardware devices to build your digital signage networks.


Building an Agnostic Player

Build your media playback application with the signageOS HW-agnostic Javascript APIs and maintain a single codebase instead of doing this for every hardware type you want to use.


Remote Control & Monitoring of Hardware

Leverage the industry-leading device and endpoint management solution for complete control over your hardware from any location to drastically reduce maintenance costs.


A Powerful Tool for the DIY Digital Signage Builders

Is it free & secure for forever? plus interface icon

Yes, you will always be able to use signageOS Open for free. For more information on the terms of signageOS Open, visit signageOS Legal.

Yes, in the signageOS Documentation there is a comprehensive list of supported features across the supported platforms.

No, signageOS's remote management features are for paid plans only. To discuss your remote management needs and how you can combine offerings, contact sales.

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Getting Started with signageOS SMIL Player

Case Studies

Global leaders in digital signage use signageOS to power cross-platform networks of tens of thousands of digital signage devices globally. Learn why signageOS technology is the future-proof integration and remote management solution for the digital signage industry.


signageOS: a key component to how Creative Realities rapidly expanded a digital signage network across 7-Eleven


Coates Helps a QSR Brand Create a New Customer Journey Through signageOS


Desquare Utilizes signageOS for Fast and Easy Digital Signage Rollout Across Starbucks Nordic

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