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Quickly build your cross-platform application for any digital signage device through the universal JS API.


The signageOS Cloud Platform is the comprehensive digital signage platform for device integration and management to unify digital signage networks.


Utilize signageOS & SMIL to publish your content to any System-on-Chip display or media player with little to no development time.

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Device Management

signageOS Device Management Solutions enable remote cloud management of any digital signage or AV device for instant diagnostics and troubleshooting.

Box Device Management Console

Box is robust remote display management console helping you operate your networks with ease.

signageOS Partner Ecosystem
NEC Open Modular Platform

The NEC Open Modular Platform powered by signageOS provides a single access point to the diverse NEC digital signage HW & services portfolio to enable seamless integration with current and future offerings. Explore the OMPlatform and benefit from a modular and scalable future.

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signageOS is proud to partner with leading CMS companies in the digital signage industry. Find the solution to perfectly meet your project's needs.

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The primary resource for digital signage hardware research and analysis on key performance indicators to provide greater knowledge and resources for the digital signage industry.

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signageOS regularly exhibits and attends many events including Integrated Systems Europe, Digital Signage Expo, Developers Days, and many more. Check out the latest event here.

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The NEC Open Modular Platform Powered by signageOS

Comprehensive cloud infrastructure, remote management, and expert support for NEC hardware.

Integrate today and benefit from a modular, scalable future.

NEC Open Modular Platform powered by signageOS

Single, Unified API Access to NEC Hardware Portfolio

The signageOS unified JS API and standardized REST API are the foundation of the NEC Open Modular Platform for NEC hardware integration and management. Companies can now utilize signageOS’ universal APIs to easily integrate and manage large, diverse networks of the NEC hardware portfolio as well as every other supported digital signage hardware.

The signageOS core Linux components are implemented directly onto the NEC hardware through JS API to deliver even greater playback efficiency and advanced device management features.The adoption of the signageOS APIs to power the NEC Open Modular Platform demonstrates the power and innovation behind the signageOS technology.


Universal Remote Device Management

signageOS’ cloud-based remote device management platform is unlike any digital signage hardware management platform in the world. The NEC Open Modular Platform utilizes the robust signageOS management capabilities and applies it directly to the complete NEC hardware portfolio. The NEC Open Modular Platform provides NEC and signageOS partners with management and monitoring features such as remote app and firmware updates, real-time screenshot capturing directly from the device, temperature status, internal and external memory status, and timezone settings.

NEC OMP powered by signageOS
NEC OMP powered by signageOS

The management and monitoring features are available in the signageOS Box (device management console system) where companies can collaborate with network management teams and collect device/network data to ensure the highest performing digital signage networks. Additionally, through the NEC Open Modular Platform and signageOS REST APIs, automate these management features by incorporating the REST API communication with your devices directly into your existing system.

Integrate once with signageOS and the NEC Open Modular Platform and immediately control and monitor diverse digital signage networks unlike any other platform in digital signage.


Powerful Operating System

signageOS’ custom linux-based operating system really drives performance and management optimization for digital signage hardware like Raspberry Pi. The NEC Open Modular Platform utilizes the signageOS operating system for NEC hardware, offering partners easily-attainable, optimal performance across the NEC hardware portfolio. Core components and features of the operating system include but are not limited to:

  • Digital signage specific Linux OS
  • Accelerated video player with streaming support
  • Custom browser engine for maximum performance
  • Proprietary libraries
  • Auto-recovery
  • Custom boot-up
  • Custom security components for updating, managing, and monitoring device behaviour
  • Watchdog
  • And much more!
NEC OMP powered by signageOS

Digital Signage Expert Support

The NEC Open Modular Platform provides partners with varying levels of support facilitated by signageOS’ dedicated team of digital signage experts. signageOS consistently builds close relationships with partners through continual communication and cooperation when problem solving.

Onboarding, development, incident support and more will ensure NEC and signageOS partners experience seamless integration, management, and usage of NEC hardware through the NEC Open Modular Platform


Universal Digital Signage Ecosystem

The NEC Open Modular Platform powered by the signageOS unification technology exemplifies innovation in digital signage.

From integration and management to support and additional NEC services, the NEC Open Modular Platform solution is the complete digital signage ecosystem for companies that desire a scalable, future-proof solution for digital signage hardware and software compatibility.

NEC OMP powered by signageOS

Onboard the NEC Open Modular Platform Powered by signageOS

Integration and management of NEC hardware is easier than ever before and we are looking for digital signage innovators to be among the first to benefit from the NEC Open Modular Platform’s tools and services. If you would like to learn more about the integration process or get your company’s integration started, we welcome you to contact NEC or signageOS directly.

Platform Partners

Creative Realities, Inc.

Creative Realities, Inc

13100 Magisterial Drive, Unit 100
40223 Louisville
United States



Wiener Straße 287
8051 Graz


Grassfish Marketing Technologies GmbH

Heiligenstaedter Strasse 31/1/601
1190 Vienna
Phone: +4315220270 www.grassfish.com


Loop24 AS

Ullern Alle 280381
Phone: +4790037932

POS Digital

POS Digital

Budejovicka 3
140 00 Prague 4
Czech Republic



Viale Premuda, 14
20129 Milano
Phone: 00 393276849897


XOGO Decision Signage

12723 E Palouse Hwy
99036 Valleyford
United States