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Digital Signage-Dedicated Operating System

Built for scale and top-level performance on any device, the signageOS Operating System for digital signage delivers robust features and security for any deployment.

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Secure Operating System


Unmanned operation via APIs


Optimized for content playback

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“signageOS Operating System is powering the Sharp NEC Open Modular Platform - World's TOP 3 platform on the market.”

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Main Values

Lightweight Linux Distribution

The custom-built, lightweight Linux distribution contains only the essentials for digital signage use cases like media playback.

Security-Centric Communication

Regular security updates, robust firewall rules & encrypted network communication and OTA updates (Over the Air).

Robust Cloud Device Management

Offering direct access to powerful remote management, the OS enables decreased on-site maintenance calls and upgrades.

Optimized Performance

The OS leverages low level hardware APIs for for enhanced graphics performance, faster media decoding/encoding and more.

Developer Friendly

Build your HTML5/Javascript apps on top of the OS and deploy them in seconds.

Video & Network Streaming

Incorporate high-performance video with a custom-built video player for UHD playback & network streams.

Supported Hardware


Raspberry Pi 3B & Compute Module 3

Optimized for popular single board computers with smooth, Full HD playback.


Raspberry Pi 4B & Compute Module 4

With up to UHD video playback and fine-tuned Chromium performance.


Soon Intel NUC

The world's favorite small factor PC.


Soon nVidia Jetson Series

Powerful computer with great video-analytics capability.

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Embed the OS & Join the Cross-Platform Ecosystem

Utilizing the digital signage-dedicated OS means your hardware is instantly compatible with all signageOS features, services, & partners for easier adoption of the hardware. Explore the complete signageOS ecosystem by contacting us or our partners to discuss performance and potential new installations.