Focus on Your Product,
Not Hardware Support

Go hassle-free with your digital signage strategy, build meaningful features while signageOS takes care of the hardware.

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Removing the Biggest Pain Points of Digital Signage


Devices Onboarding

signageOS takes care about 36+ hardware platforms, regularly adding new ones and exposing them through unified API and UI.


Long-term Support

Digital signage deals last for long. Devices are supported for years with updates and new features leaving no production device behind.


Cross-device Compatibility

With signageOS you no longer have to deal with various OEM APIs, what you build with signageOS works on any supported device.

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CMS using signageOS
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Experience the difference

signageOS removes the never-ending burden of device-integration maintenance. Are you under the constant pressure to support yet another SoC display or player? Is your team lacking time and resources to improve, test and release updates of your core product due to hardware misbehavior? signageOS can help you with that.

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Supported Hardware

More Reasons to Choose signageOS:


Cross-Platform Remote Management

Remotely control and monitor networks of ANY digital signage hardware uniformly from the signageOS Box.


Powerful Universal API

Ensure optimal performance and uptime with proof-of-play screenshots, device diagnostics, and much more within the Box.


Ready-Made Players

Tailor what data is pulled directly from your devices to provide your customers with custom reports on their device networks.

Video by Yan Krukov from Pexels