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Experiences Are Built, Not Bought

Create custom solution in a fraction of time using ready-made building blocks and signageOS universal APIs.

signageOS Unified APIs
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All Unified, Works with Any Device

signageOS Javascript SDK and REST APIs work on any supported device. Develop once, deploy anywhere.


Developer First

Select any feature of signageOS and build it into your product.


Node.js SDK

Shorten the integration with ready-made Node.js SDK for signageOS REST API.


Player Javascript SDK

From file system to video playback, Javascript SDK help you build the unique experiences for devices.

Build It From the Ground Up.

Working with devices has never been easier. You can be up and running in few hours, ready to deploy in massive scale.

1. Build HTML5 App

Begin by building your hardware-agnostic player using signageOS's Javascript SDK, documentation, and support. Use any popular frontend framework like React, Vue or Angular.

2. Deploy the App to Any Device

You do not have to deal with incompatibility or missing feature. Smoothly deploy your app to any of the supported devices via REST API or the signageOS Box.

3. Manage & Monitor Devices

From the signageOS unified device management system, Box, view the status of all of your devices in real-time, automate processes, and create alerts for important events and issues. Stay in control.

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Features Which Makes the Difference

Version Control

You are in change of all version - from the content player to device firmware.

Screenshots API

Get real-time screenshot from any device to validate the content which is being played.


Built-in analytics and reporting helps you track proof-of-play and proof-of-delivery of any content.

Remote Debugging

Local in your network or over-the-internet debugging of the device is available out of the Box.

Great Documentation

Detailed documentation, updated on a daily bases with tutorials, sample codes and best practices.

Development Support

You are not on your own. In case of any issue, signageOS is here to help you troubleshoot.

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Supported Hardware


Cut Your Time to Project Delivery

Looking for production-ready Player? Start deploying feature rich content, sensor-based experiences or dayparting menus with ready-made signageOS SMIL Player.

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More Reasons to Choose signageOS:


Support Devices without Onboarding

Focus on your product and be always compatible with both legacy and the latest digital signage devices.


Cross-Platform Remote Management

Remotely control and monitor networks of ANY digital signage hardware uniformly from the signageOS Box.


Ready-Made Players

Cut the time to market with production-ready software players working flawlessly on any platform.