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Security at signageOS

signageOS is dedicated to providing a world-class service on a global scale. Security is a major initiative with a focus to ensure an uninterrupted service and to sustain a long term partnerships.

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SOC Compliant

Security Program Highlights

Reliable Infrastructure

signageOS uses Amazon Web Services to host our application and data storage. We make full use of the security products and protocols embedded within the AWS ecosystem.

Availability and continuity

signageOS maintains high levels of availability with multiple geographically diverse data centers and robust Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity programs.

signageOS event-based architecture is designed for ultimate horizontal scalability and system redundancy.

Incident Management

signageOS maintains multiple monitoring systems to detect and alert on security incidents. Incident severity is classified based on customer impact and the duration of the incident. The Incident Response and Security Incident Response processes can be found at public status page.

signageOS will ensure to notify all affected customers of any security incident which involves customer data without undue delay, as per legal and contractual requirements.

Data Security

signageOS encrypts all of our customers data. We use tools such as Amazon Web Service`s and Key Management System (KMS) to manage encryption keys. We use hardware security modules to maximum data security, in line with industry best practices.

Security Training

All signageOS employees and contractors attend mandatory Information Security Training during their on-boarding process.

The security training is repeated on an annual basis to ensure all employees and contractors are up to date with relevant changes and updates.

SOC 2 Compliance

Security and trust are integral at signageOS. We comply with Service Organization Controls (SOC 2) Trust Services Principles, focused on security. Our SOC 2 compliance ensures our organizational and technology controls are independently audited at least annually

Bug Bounty Program

signageOS works with security experts across the globe to stay up-to-date with the latest security techniques. If you've discovered a security issue that you believe we should know about, we'd love to work with you.
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