More than digital signage. Any screen. Any player. Unique usability. Unlimited scalability.

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Enriching the in-store experiences with cutting-edge and reliable digital signage technology.

We created Waapiti Platform to simplify management and with usability in mind. Our new version, Waapiti Platform 3.0, goes a step further, using a cloud-native architecture to ensure scalability and availability. The new interface makes content management and distribution as easy as ever. This latest release is the first step of many more to come, allowing us to add powerful features and functionality to a clean architecture and state-of-the-art technology.
– Derek Hossack (CTO, Waapiti) twitter social icon Tweet

Waapiti is a cutting-edge and reliable software. Its serverless and cloud-native architecture ensures high availability and unlimited scalability. Supports any display technology: standalone or a display with SoC embedded player. A human-friendly and intuitive interface that allows to distribute tagged content automaticall among other featured functionalities such as multilevel user rols, background functionality, bulk actions, background music integration, triggered content or sensors integration.

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