How signageOS works

signageOS is a cloud-based service that works as universal bridge between your CMS or web application and devices with the System On Chip technology or other supported digital signage players. The unification platform technology is designed for large screen management and contains features like remote screenshots, live monitoring, complete control, display setup, and incident alerting among others.

Our ultimate goal: Bringing you a complete Backend as a Service(BaaS) designed for digital signage.

How signageOS works
Basic detail on how signageOS works

The Basics

signageOS is primarily composed of a powerful and universal cloud-based unification API that bridges CMS companies to SoC devices and other digital signage players.

The signageOS Unification API allows the user to control every device with identical commands and play content across the diverse network of digital signage devices.

The Unification

The foundation of this technology is the signageOS Unification API. This unification API functions on top of the proprietary systems in SoC digital signage hardware and other digital signage players.

The server-side REST API is designed for device management and monitoring at scale.
The on-device JS API operates with a HTML5 player or "Applet” designed by the CMS.

Every signageOS feature is automatically available in the API. Which means you can completely integrate all functions into your CMS user interface.

REST API for Device Management

Reboot device

Unified way to reboot any device.

3 curl -XPOST \
--header 'X-Auth:XXX:xxx' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '{"devicePowerAction":"SYSTEM_REBOOT"}' \

List SSSP devices

Get list of registered Samsung devices under your account.

3 curl -XGET \
--header 'X-Auth:XXX:xxx' \

JS API for Content Support

Play video

One line of javascript takes care of video playback on any device.'coca-cola.mp4', 0, 0, 1080, 1920);

Saving files for offline

Save and retrieve your files to/from internal storage.

3 sos.offline.cache.saveFile('coca-cola.mp4', '');


The Integrations

On the device level is the signageOS Core App. The signageOS Core App consists of stand alone core applications created for each type of SoC device and digital signage player.

Crafted specifically for each device type, these applications operate in conjunction with the device’s proprietary operating system. The signageOS Core App creates a safe environment for content playback and remote device control, as it communicates directly with the device’s hardware.

The Core APP presents a unified interface for different devices but can also enhanced to match customer-specific device requirements.

The signageOS Core APP manages the device itself, leverages monitoring and controls vital device functions like like screenshots, timers, brightness, temperature etc. The content is then delivered to the HTML5 layer where it can play on any device.

signageOS Integrations

The Platform

signageOS embraces more than device integrations. signageOS’ server infrastructure is deployable on any major cloud platform or on-premise datacenter. This infrastructure is scalable, cloud-ready, and composed for reliable device backend focused on Digital signage and IoT.

The ultimate goal is to bring to you complete Backend-as-a-service designed for digital signage.

Our purpose is to provide a full-featured solution, free from any hassle for CMS companies. Thus, allowing their main focus to remain on intensive content management development.

Our modern approach focuses on the use of cutting edge technology. Bullet-proof application architecture patterns like CQRS, event sourcing, and real-time communication ensure an indestructible system.

signageOS Platform

See the full set of features in our Feature list.

The Perks

To assist customers beyond the API-first approach, signageOS has created an optional feature: the signageOS Box. signageOS uses a API-first approach as all features can be added later to the signageOS Box if needed.

The signageOS Box is an administration console used for device management and development. This platform remotely controls device functions and lies on top of our signageOS Unification API. The signageOS Box provides an easy-to-use but robust solution to make all devices perform optimally with factors such as (but not limited to): timers, monitoring, alerts, brightness, etc.

Complete signageOS package

Device-specific integrations

Play the content on any SoC device or digital signage player.


Robust server infrastructure

Deploy signageOS server on any cloud or on-premise hosting.


Continuous updates and maintenance

New devices? Missing features? Bug fixing? All included.

More questions? Great! We are thrilled to answer them. Let's get in touch!

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