How signageOS works

signageOS is a cloud-based service that works as universal bridge between your CMS or web application and devices with the System On Chip technology or other supported digital signage players. It is also packed with all features necessary for large screen networks management. You will appreciate the live monitoring, remote control, display setup and incident alerting among others.

Are you wondering, how is this possible? Well, we are group of tech pioneers who build products that make our lives easier.

Initially we developed individual, stand alone Core Applications (signageOS Core App) for every single SoC device and digital signage player. These applications are crafted specifically to each device and run on the device’s proprietary operating system. This Core App creates a safe environment for content playback and remote device control, as it communicates directly with hardware.

To make life easier for our partners, we designed complex Unification API (signageOS Unification API). It allows you to control every device with the same set of commands and play the content across diverse networks, no matter the operating system and firmware.

The content is then delivered directly to the display, where CMS specific HTML5 Player assigned to the device takes care of the content playback.

This whole framework is running on world-class infrastructure or can be deployed on your own infrastructure.

How to use signageOS?

The only thing you have to do at your end is to create your own HTML5 player for content playback. Once you have it, you can play the content on any device we support. To manage and control the screens you can either use our management console called Box or you can connect all the remote device management functions through our API to your CMS. The Box gives you a robust solution to make all your devices do what you need them to do (timers, monitoring, alerts, brightness, etc.).

For an even better experience for your customers, we’ve prepared signageOS APIs to manage screens directly from your CMS. APIs help you to manage devices and their settings in a fast and easy manner.

Your content & data stay inside your system and are transported to all your connected devices directly. And it really doesn’t matter if you want to play your content on 1000 tablets, 100 screens and 10 video walls at once.

About signageOS

signageOS has been under development since 2015. It all started because we wanted to take full advantage of SystemOnChip devices. signageOS was intended to be an internal tool that would help us with the management of big screen networks. It became so good that we couldn’t keep it just for ourselves. We are driven by passion to ultimately bring “digital” to the Digital Signage industry.


signageOS cloud infrastructure is powered by Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. signageOS can also be deployed on your own infrastructure as an On-premise solution. All connections are secured by SSL/TLS v1.2 communications and verificated via security hashes. For administrators 2FA authorisation is available.

All this comes automatically - you don’t need to worry about it.


We originally built signageOS for our own use because we needed to manage thousands of devices. The state of the art content delivery and device management covers your back all the time. Do you need to control hundreds of screens? We are ready for hundreds of thousands.

You connect your CMS to signageOS just once and it instantly works on all supported devices.

Features & services

All these awesome features are available and ready to use either through our management console BOX or you can call them through our APIs.

Check all of our features in detail.

Deploy routine

All you need is electricity, internet connection and our application.

Device management

Complex remote device management console at your disposal.

Content delivery

State-of-the-art realtime content delivery.

Device monitoring

Extensive proactive monitoring and alerting.

Compatibility with devices

signageOS primary advantage is its compatibility with large portfolio of devices from different vendors/manufacturers. Look into our Supported devices section to see them all. And there are more to come.

Thanks to signageOS you will be ready for any of your customer needs.

Brand Operation System Versions Supported
Samsung Samsung Smart Signage SSSP2, SSSP3, SSSP4 - Tizen
LG webOS webOS 1, webOS 2, webOS 3
Philips Android 4.4.1 - 5.1
BrightSign LS-XT --
Check all of them ⇨

Management console Box

Ways to develop and integrate

Because we originally built the signageOS for ourselves, we made it super easy to use.
We keep in mind all of the digital signage hassle and made them easy.

What's covered by signageOS:


2Video formats

3Extensions & 3rd party hw

4Deep monitoring

5Proof of play

6Remote management

7Realtime updates

8Automated installations

On-device javascript API

In order to help you play your content on such a large scale of different devices we built-in smart javascript API. It helps you with common tasks like playing videos, managing offline content and more.

Here are two popular examples:

Playing any kind of video

This simple line of javascript code takes care of video playback on any device., x, y, width, height);

Saving files for offline

This example shows the simplicity of saving and using file when display goes offline. You don't have to deal with different storage APIs.

3sos.offline.cache.saveFile(uid, url);


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