SIGNAGELAB Delivers Secure Digital Signage Network Renovation for Financial Institution

SIGNAGELAB Delivers Secure Digital Signage Network Renovation for Financial Institution


Key factors for the success of the project include long-term scalability, ease of use, incorporation of new and old hardware, ability to remotely and quickly manage devices and content on thousands of various end devices for a national financial institution in the Czech Republic.


  • Complete secure communication between all systems.
  • Hassle-free content, application, and firmware updates.
  • Integration of 5+ hardware types into existing network.
  • Whitelabeled remote management and monitoring functionality
  • Increased audience exposure and engagement at 500+ branches.

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The purpose of the project was to improve the overall in-store experience, engage both customers and non-customers at different stages of the customer journey while reducing costs by incorporating older hardware in the network.
Key factors for the success of the project were scalability over time, ease of use, ease of real-time content updates for content like exchange rates, and the ability to remotely manage thousands of various end devices.
As a result of the digital signage network, customer’s experienced reduced perceived wait time and improved overall in-store experiences through interactive content and real-time content updates on multiple hardware types.

"The rennovated digital signage network and new content drove tremendous increases in engagement and audience exposure. Through the use of multiple digital signage hardware end points, the company experienced increased levels of engagement from existing customers and non-customers."
– David Sauer (CEO) twitter social icon Tweet

Industry: Banking
Location: Czech Republic
Content Features: Real-time content updates for exchange rates, interactive, HTML5 + video overlay
Uptime: 99.99%


  • Incorporate multiple hardware types with different operating systems and older firmware into the network.
  • Ensure completely secure communication between the internal banking software and the SIGNAGELAB CMS software.
  • Create unique in-store experiences with data-driven content.
  • Utilize modern and scalable technology to limit future renovation expenses.
  • Provide flexibility with applications and content features.
  • Utilize a customizable CMS user interface.


  • LG webOS 1.0, 2.0, & 3.0
  • Samsung SSSP2 High Brightness
  • Samsung SSSP4 Tizen
  • BenQ SL-Line
  • Lenovo Tablets Android 4.0


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signageOS and SIGNAGELAB completed the installation in less than 3 months with a multi-step approach that required custom feature development and security testing within the bank’s networks. With close to 500 branches, Česká spořitelna’s digital signage network requires extensive management and monitoring functionality in order to demonstrate the digital signage network’s return on investment. SIGNAGELAB completed a whitelabeling of sigangeOS’ management functionality for Česká spořitelna to use freely.

SIGNAGELAB’s digital signage software provides Česká spořitelna with the templates and tools necessary for unique content creation and in-store experience enrichment. An example of this includes the exchange rate application with real-time updates. Also, in-store tablets provide visitors with interactive content to qualify, engage, and convert visitors prior to the 1-to-1 interaction.

The network incorporates older and newer hardware making feature testing and HW onboarding by signageOS an essential step to deployment. signageOS completed custom development, testing, and onboarding to ensure a reliable and secure network.


  • Secure communication between the financial institution software, the SIGNAGELAB CMS, and signageOS.
  • Hassle-free content, application, and firmware updates for every type of hardware.
  • Integration of 5+ hardware types into the existing digital signage network.
  • Whitelabeled remote management and monitoring functionality for the entire network controlled by SIGNAGELAB and the financial institution.
  • Increased audience exposure and engagement at over 500 store branches.

SIGNAGELAB is a digital signage software solutions company with a focus on innovation, development, and professional services. SIGNAGELAB provides a variety of intelligent solutions for digital signage in retail among other industries, and is now utilized by companies around the world. The SIGNAGELAB mission is to connect the dots between people and technology to deliver incredible digital signage experiences.

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