Mobimo and the Mattenhof clients wanted to incorporate digital signage displays and kiosks across their facilities to further engage tenants and guests. Clients greatly desired to manage the content and hardware from within the bitegra Solutions portal and have an all-in-one property management portal with digital signage capabilities.


  • Integration of Digital Signage in a Property Management System
  • Support for a touch-based way finding solution on publicly accessible displays
  • Private portal for registered users with omnichannel functionality including digital services
  • Content publishing with audience-specific personalization
  • Seamless integration with native portal apps for iOS and Android
  • Real-time integrated communication with push notifications directly from the portal
  • Integration of powerful omnichannel customer service desk

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bitegra Solutions provides a portal framework based on the established open-source platform, Drupal, that acts as the universal process-oriented solution for real-estate tenants and property users. This portal enables bitegra Solution clients to reach target audiences - from customers to suppliers - via any chosen channel like mobile messaging, call centers, and social media, through an API-first approach.

The real estate leader in Switzerland, Mobimo, and their upscale properties in the Mattenhof area of Lucerne, The Micropole Mattenhof, utilize the bitegra Solutions portal framework to ensure their tenants, businesses, and guests are happy and thriving throughout the various facilities.

About The Mattenhof

The Mattenhof comprises 275 apartments, over 21,000 m2 of office space, almost 7,000 m2 of business and retail space, and a "Holiday Inn Express" city hotel with 160 rooms. Alongside the cities of Kriens and Lucerne, Mobimo has advanced the development of the entire area to create a new urban center within the Mattenhof area.


Bitegra Solutions integrated the signageOS unification APIs within the portal system to allow portal administrators to publish content to any digital signage hardware type in conjunction with native mobile apps and the website, among other channels. To integrate the signageOS APIs within the portal system, a Drupal digital signage framework was developed as an open-source framework that can be used by any Drupal user.

Additionally, the new digital signage framework connects to other Drupal modules, like the recently created Helpdesk Integration module or the wayfinding module. The Drupal wayfinding module connects navigation points like property entrances or points of interests to not only function on publicly accessible displays, but also in web browsers and native mobile apps.


The bitegra Solutions Mattenhof website with the integrated tenant portal is unique to the real estate industry in that it contains a wide range of interacting applications for multi-channel publishing of information for increased availability to all users.

With their role-based user accounts on the website, native mobile apps (iOS and Android), or, now, on digital signage displays, tenants have easy access to vital information. Information like virtual apartment tours, interactive wayfinding, car sharing information, disposal services, and more, are now easily accessible on digital signage throughout the Mattenhof area.

There are also many additional benefits to this solution that extend beyond the benefits to stakeholders at The Micropole Mattenhof. The bitegra Solutions Drupal digital signage framework is a production-ready Drupal framework that can easily connect to digital signage devices and achieve identical remote management and content playback features as developing an in-house integration with signageOS. This implementation of the signageOS technology is another example of how signageOS and partners are enabling increased adoption of digital signage hardware by users and verticals that were previously unable to achieve such functionality.

Also, the bitegra Solutions digital signage framework and other modules, like the wayfinding module, are open-source and free to use across the entire Drupal community. The Drupal CMS accounts for the third largest percentage of global, open-source CMS market share.1 Now, the entire Drupal community can easily utilize any digital signage hardware and signageOS, alongside their websites and businesses.

In November 2020, the bitegra Solutions portal for Micropole Mattenhof won several Splash Awards. The integrated portal solution was recognized as a runner-up in the design / UX category, winner in the technology category, and achieved the overall victory of Splash Awards "Project of the Year".

About bitegraSolutions

bitegra Solutions was founded in early 2019 as a consultancy and software development company out of the cooperation of three individual companies based in Germany. bitegra Solutions focuses on building, maintaining and running Drupal applications, that contain portal functionality by integrating existing applications and workflows where ever possible. This allows businesses of any size to offer their website visitors and their customers a much richer digital experience as they get a single access point for information exchange, communications and other business relevant activities between the provider and their clients.
With many years of experience in the real estate and food industries, bitegra Solutions developed knowledge and experience on digital processes in those areas which allowed us to develop software tools that kickstart this process for all customers almost out of the box.

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